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Want a Silencer? Check out our Title II – NFA Products!

Shawnee Outdoors, Inc. is a Type 02 SOT – Manufacturer and Dealer of NFA Firearms. We sell and manufacture Silencers, Machine Guns, Short Barreled Rifles, Short Barreled Shotguns and AOWs.

machinegunsYES!!! You can own all of these! All you do is pay a one-time $200 tax per item, send in paperwork, pictures and fingerprints. That’s it! We do all the paperwork for you. The ATF approves your transfer in 3-8 months, but don’t worry! You can come in and shoot your Silencer, SBR, SBS or Machine Gun any time! Want to try one out? We have several to rent!

We have several Transferable Machine Guns, Short Barreled Rifles and Shotguns IN STOCK as well as a wide selection of Silencers (Suppressors) for pistols, rifles and shotguns for every caliber.

Why do you need one? You’ll know when you get it!

Don’t have the one you want? Try out The Silencer Shop Your Silencer will ship to us and we will do all the paperwork for you!

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