Open Hours - Mon-Sat: 9am-6pm | Sunday: 1pm-5pm

Retail Showroom and climate controlled Indoor Shooting Range open 7 days a week!


New state-of-the-art shooting range now open! Utilizing the latest technologies, we’ve created one of the finest shooting experiences in the state.

The Shawnee Outdoors’s Indoor Shooting Range has 18 climate controlled lanes at 25 yards. Built using Action Target’s Total Containment Trap®, this state of the art bullet trap is the best in the business. Featuring a programmable, easy to use target retrieval system, attractive and bullet proof lane dividers with LED lighting and combining an independent dust collection system with our ventilation system ensures a safe, enjoyable shooting experience and a high level of protection from lead and gunpowder residue. Additionally, bullet and sound absorbent tiles line the entire shooter’s area, further ensuring our customer’s comfort and safety.

The Shawnee Outdoors Indoor Shooting Range sells its own range ammunition. We sell quality re-manufactured 9mm, 40sw and 45ACP, made right here in Oklahoma! We also sell new factory ammunition from all the major manufacturers. We do allow outside pistol ammunition, but you will find our prices such that we are sure you’ll be buying from us. All rifle ammunition must be purchased in-house. If we do not stock a particular brand or caliber, that outside ammunition must be inspected by a member of our staff.

Bay #1

9 lanes

all rifle rated

distance of 25yards

This is a static range, allowing firing from the shooting stalls only.

Bay #2

“Tactical Range”

9 lanes

all rifle rated

distance of 25 yards

This bay differs in that, under certain controlled situations, shooters may fire from anywhere in the bay. This will allow dynamic training and action competitions, with shooters moving to engage targets. The Tactical Range also includes a high-intensity light bar, ideal for use in low light training for both Law Enforcement and civilians.

Prohibited Ammunition: All steel case (Tula, Wolf, surplus), “green tip”, armor piercing, bi-metal jacket or tracer.

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Gun Range Features

Indoor Shooting Range

Climate Controlled Indoor

18 lanes at 25 yards or less

State of the Art – Rifle Rated

Full Firearms Training Curriculum

Open 7 Days a Week

3500sq.ft. Retail Showroom

Gun Rentals – Many Choices Available

On-Site Gun Storage and Memberships



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