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Most Recent Video



Full Auto

Various machine guns fired outdoors.

Silenced Pistol & Rifle Demonstration

Jeremy from BDC demonstrating the difference between a few different silenced rifles and pistols on the indoor range.

Machine Gun Extravaganza

Recent video of all our range-safe machine guns being fired.


Rapid Fire drill @ 7 yds

Freedom Ordnance 9mm Belt Fed M16 Full Auto

Freedom Ordnance 9mm belt-fed upper paired with an M16 full auto lower.

Ruger Bisley 480 Ruger

Here's Jack and a new Ruger Super Blackhawk in .480 Ruger, it's not for the faint of heart!

BRNO ZB-53, Vz 37

At long last our tripod-mounted Czech machine gun is up and running. Here's a video of Jack and the guys checking it out on the indoor range.

Handgun Presentation/Draw Video

The latest in our series of instructional videos; this one covering proper handgun presentation.